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Avicenna Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 2016 at the direct request of the European Commission as a follow on from the EC project, “Avicenna: a strategy for in silico clinical trials”. It is a partnership between academics and industries that have a commercial or research interest in the development of in silico medicine- that is the application of computer modeling and simulation in healthcare. The over-arching goal is to share information, expertise and knowledge in the process of developing and implementing a policy framework to enable the broader adoption of computer modeling and simulation, working closely with the European Commission, regulatory agencies, clinicians and patient organisations.
The main contact for The Avicenna Alliance is Adriano Henney who has a PhD in Medicine, with former research interests in cardiovascular disease in academia and industry. He was responsible for establishing one of the first systems biology departments in the pharmaceutical industry and has subsequently been active in promoting the use of modeling and simulation in drug development and its broader implementation in medicine.
Birmingham City University
Brunel University London is a dynamic institution with over 15,000 students and over 1,000 academic staff operating in a vibrant culture of research excellence. The Computer Science Department specializes in both healthcare/biomedical informatics and digital economy/business. The Department of Computer Science has been lauded by the British Computer Society for their achievements in student project supervision, and has a growing student population over the last two years.
Dr. Derek Groen is a Lecturer in Simulation and Modelling who specializes in multiscale simulation, high performance computing and distributed computing, and has published more than 25 peer-reviewed journal papers. Derek works on constructing multiscale models using the HemeLB bloodflow simulation environment, and won the ARCHER Early Career Impact Award in 2015 as a result. He also leads a small research group on agent-based multiscale modelling of irregular migration, is the main developer of the FabSim automation toolkit (, and leads the recently established MUSCLE Taskforce.
Convergence Pharma
DNA Nexus
Rutgers University
Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
Science Museum
University of Leeds
VPH Institute
Zayed University, Abu Dhabi (ZU) is a government non-profit university that bears the name of the founder of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. ZU, founded in 1998, is a leader in higher education in the UAE. ZU has about 10,000 Students, 500 faculty members and 550 staff across both campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Dr. Alya A. Arabi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry from the college of Natural and Health Sciences at ZU, is mainly interested in the study of biological systems using electronic structure methods. Her research areas of relevance to the CompBioMed project include:
1) Exploring bioisosterism using the Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules.
2) Effects of high electric fields of the double proton transfer in DNA strands.
3) Mutations caused in the genetic code carrier as a result of the intercalation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons between DNA base pair.
4) Correlation, at the molecular level, between diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
These projects are completed with collaborators from University College London, UK; University of Leithbridge, Canada and New York University, USA.
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
The Hartree Centre’s mission is to transform the competitiveness of UK industry by accelerating the adoption of data-centric computing, big data and cognitive technologies.
We want UK industry to fully embrace and integrate the latest digital and cognitive technologies into their businesses, to outperform global competitors, grow the economy and maintain the UK’s position at the forefront of industrial innovation.
Set up in 2013 and underpinned by over £170M of funding from the UK Government, we are part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council and are located at Sci-Tech Daresbury in Cheshire.
The Hartree Centre work along many sectors and has a number of exciting projects that operate within the HPC, big data and cognitive technology areas. You can contact them here
University of Southampton, Immunology Group
European Society of Cardiology’s e-Cardiology Working Group
Universidad Católica de Murcia
Aix-Marseille University
University of Edinburgh – College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine