As part of the 14th Congress of the World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology, a short morning session has been organised by Dr. Gabor Zavodszky from University of Amsterdam at the start of the conference (16th October) that aims to point out the significance of cooperation between scientists and clinicians entitled: “Back to the basics: How to improve the efficacy of science? Fertilizing the field of research by clinician-scientist collaboration”.
The goal of this dissemination event, organised under the CompBioMed project, is to showcase some of the most successful cooperations in the spirit of translational research, and to present the possible advantages gained by these joint efforts as seen by both engineers and clinical practitioners.
The short agenda of the session:
“Over 10 years of collaboration in aneurysms research” Gábor Janiga, Ing., PhD (Germany)
“15 years of translational aneurysm research – lesson learned and caveats to be avoided” Juhana Frösen, Neurosurgeon, PhD (Finland)
“Interdisciplinarity at its best: how inanimate flow simulations are filled with life by MDs”
György Paál, Ing., PhD (Hungary)
The full program of the conference