Upcoming Events 2017

Past Event 2016

* 3-4 October 2016 – CompBioMed KO Meeting – UoL, London


3-4 October 2016 – CompBioMed KO Meeting – UoL, London

The CompBioMed Kick-Off Meeting was held at Senate House in London.

11–12 April 2017 – CompBioMed AHM – BSC, Barcelona

The CompBioMed All-Hands Meeting will take place at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre for two days (11th – 12th April 2017). We will be inviting Core and Associate Partners to get involved as we report on and discuss how the project is shaping up and continue to plan for the coming months and years.

27 April 2017 – Cloud and HPC in Biomedicine – UCL, London

CompBioMed will hold a dedicated full-day meeting at University College London in on 27th April 2017 to tackle HPC & Cloud resources and related issues that affect our Core and Associate Partners. We intend to advertise this meeting more widely than only to our partners, as the topic is currently of widespread interest and concern.

15–18 May 2017 – PRACEDays 2017 – Barcelona

PRACEDays 2017 is the central event of the European HPC Summit Week held at Barcelona Supercomputing Centre over four days (15th – 18th May 2017). CompBioMed has been allocated a dedicated 4-hour session in the afternoon of the 16th May where we will hold several talks focused on our Centre of Excellence. The event will be held under the motto “HPC for Innovation: When Science meets Industry”, which will bring together experts from academia and industry who will present their recent advances in HPC-supported science and engineering.

30–31 May 2017 – BioExcel & CompBioMed joint workshop – UCL, London

Theme: Free Energy Calculations from Molecular Simulations: Applications in Life and Medical Sciences.

This two day meeting organised by CompBioMed and BioExcel, with a particular focus on the prediction of ligand-protein binding affinities, will be divided into two parts. On Day One, the workshop will be limited to about 20 participants, mainly from the two Centre of Excellences (CoEs), who will focus on scientific and technical discussions pertaining to the theory, algorithms and their implementation on high performance architectures. Day Two will be a public meeting featuring speakers from both CoEs as well as other invited experts working across the full domain of theory and applications ranging across academia, industry and healthcare sectors.

14–17 September 2017 – CompBioMed & OpenMultiMed workshop at EPMA 2017 – Malta

CompBioMed and OpenMultiMed are holding a workshop at the EPMA 2017
(The European Association for Predictive, Preventative & Personalised Medicine) World Congress in Malta. Peter Coveney will chair the workshop and there will be at least two CompBioMed speakers taking part. Open Multiscale Systems Medicine (OpenMultiMed) is a European Commission funded e-COST Action, the overarching aim of which is to gather a critical mass of international researchers and coordinate them as a team that develops and evaluates a transdisciplinary framework for multiscale systems medicine, consisting of novel concepts, methodologies and technologies. Further details will be available soon.

27 September – “The Virtual Human” IMAX event at the Science Museum Lates – Science Museum, London

CompBioMed will feature at the London Science Museum IMAX theatre on 27th September 2017 as part of the Science Museum Lates series of events. We plan to feature in an hour long event describing the Virtual Human, including stunning simulations on aspects of computational biomedicine using supercomputers, at the September “Lates” event. The event will occur at 19.30h-20.30h for an audience of up to 400 members of the general public. Typically, Lates events attract between 4,000 – 7,000 people, and we expect intense competition from participants to attend our event.