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Domain The code is used in several application domains: biomechanics and biomedical research, aerospace, automotive industry, oil and gas, wind energy, environment.
Description The Alya System is the BSC simulation code for multi-physics problems, specifically designed to run efficiently in supercomputers. These two main features are complementary, which make the code especially well-suited to simulate complex problems in different domains of Science and Technology. In addition, Alya can run efficient calculations on large meshes. The purpose of the code in the CompBioMed project is to solve electromechanical simulations of the heart.
User’s guide
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Computational requirements Programming language: Fortran
Dependencies: Metis, MPI
Memory requirements: Depend on problem size.
Disk requirements: Depend on problem size.
Complimentary tools:
Type of software licence Limited.
Deployed on Marenostrum, Archer, Cartessius. Alya is part of the PRACE Benchmark Suite.
Input requirements Format: Own format, hdf5, vtk.
Coming from:
Output requirements Format: Own format, hdf5, vtk, ensight.
Used by: Paraview, VisIt
Disk use: Depends on problem size.
Getting started
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Instructions for running on dedicated platforms