Software Projects: Chaste

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Domain Cancer, Heart And Soft Tissue Environment.
Description Electrophysiology solver using FEM. Highly scalable parallel code.
User’s guide
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Computational requirements Programming language: C++
Dependencies: ParMETIS, Scons, PETSC.
Memory requirements:
Disk requirements: Parallel writing, reading files (10-30 GB of data) and writing files (50GB-200GB) per simulation.
Complementary tools:
Type of software licence Open Source.
Input requirements Format: Binary meshes.
Coming from:CG-scan segmentation.
Disk use:Several files, total of 10-30 GB.
Output requirements Format: HDF5, VTK.
Used by: Paraview, Matlab.
Disk use: Optional output format. Between 50 and 200 GB.
Performance and HPC profile
Parallelism Type of parallelism: MPI.
Scalability: Typical runs 720 cores / 30 nodes. Large runs 1080 cores / 45 nodes.
Mode of operation Multiple independent runs, one per scenario.
Deployed on Archer.
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