Software projects: Palabos

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Domain Within CompBioMed, Palabos is used for Cardio-vascular simulations.
Description Palabos is a general library for fluid flow simulation with the lattice Boltzmann method.
User’s guide
Scientific articles
Computational requirements Programming language: C++
Dependencies: MPI. Needs Python for compilation.
Memory requirements: Typical run, cardio-vascular: 200 GB of ram, distributed.
Disk requirements: Parallel I/O is not a strict requirement, but important for large runs.
Complimentary tools:
Type of software licence Open-source licence AGPLv3.0.
Input requirements Format: STL geometry files.
Coming from:
Output requirements Format: Own format, vtk.
Used by: Paraview, VisIt.
Disk use: Typical cardio-vascular run: 2 TB (mostly for checkpointing).
Performance and HPC profile
Parallelism Type of parallelism: MPI
Scalability: Typical runs 1e2 cores. Large runs 1e5+ cores.
Mode of operation Single parallel runs.
Deployed on Cluster-type parallel computers of UniGe and CADMOS.
Getting started
Benchmarks and examples Benchmarks:
Instructions for running on dedicated platforms