SURFsara is the National Supercomputing and e- Science Support Center in the Netherlands. Among SURFsara’s customers are all of the Dutch universities, a number of large research, educational and government institutions, and the business community. The mission of SURFsara is to support research in the Netherlands by the development and provision of advanced ICT infrastructure, services and expertise. SURFsara provides expertise and services in the areas of High Performance Computing, e-Science & Cloud Services, Data Services, Network support, and Visualisation. SURFsara hosts the large national infrastructure services, i.e. the Dutch national Supercomputer service (Bull bullx system, 481 Tflop/s which will be upgraded to some 1.5 Pflop/s by the end of 2014), the National Compute Cluster (Dell cluster, some 9000 cores, 158 Tflop/s), large data storage facilities and services and all important national grid services. This also includes a large part of the BiG Grid infrastructure (the Dutch e-Science grid that is a Tier-1 site for CERN LCG). SURFsara participates in a number of national and international HPC, e-science and grid activities. SURFsara is currently partner in the large European e-Infrastructure projects PRACE-2IP, PRACE-3IP, EUDAT, and Fortissimo. It has a long history and a proven track record in providing HPCN services to the Dutch research community. An important focus is on supporting users to enable grand challenge applications. SURFsara has built broad expertise in the implementation and e-science support of grid infrastructures for the scientific research community. SURFsara provides also HPC-Cloud and Hadoop services to support research.

SURFsara will be leading WP5: Usage/Operations. SURFsara has a long tradition in porting and scaling of applications on PRACE systems, and in performance modelling with relevant tools. In this role we have build a lot of know-how and skills that will be used for the benefit of this project. Scaling and porting real-life applications on the NEXT interconnect will generate tuned applications and feedback that will be used during the design stage of the interconnect. Our experience with HPC ecosystems will be used to test and provide feedback on the ecosystem design for the NEXT interconnect. SURFsara will perform tasks in WP2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and provide deliverables in the form of reports and tuned applications.