CompBioMed & VHeart Joint Workshop

Cardiac Modelling, Fluid-solid Interactions and Biomedical Flows
28 March 2018, 09:00 – 16:00, Amsterdam, NL

CompBioMed and the Spanish Network of Excellence, The Virtual Heart (VHeart) are holding a Joint Workshop that will take place the day after our annual All-Hands Meeting in Amsterdam. This will involve a mix of speakers from VHeart and CompBioMed.
VHeart is a Spanish Network of Excellence aimed at sharing tools and software with members of the network to improve the overall knowledge and capacity to develop a personalised virtual heart. It is made of 9 universities and research centres throughout Spain.
The workshop is to bring together these two project and to share the combined knowledge of the participants in the fields of Cardiac modelling, fluid-solid interactions and biomedical flows.

We have provisioned time for up to 9 student presentations, 3 within each session.
Cardiac Modelling
Fluid-solid Interactions
Biomedical Flows

For more information on how to apply for a presentation, please see our announcement.

Organising Committee
Dr Mariano Vazquez (BSC, ES)
Prof Peter Coveney (UCL, UK)
Prof Javier Saiz (UPV, ES)
Prof Julien Favier (AMU, FR)
Prof Bastien Chopard (UNIGE, CH)
Dr Jazmin Aguado (BSC, ES)

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