Visitor Programme

The European Center of Excellence in Computational Medicine (CompBioMed) is a focus for technology transfer between academia, healthcare and industry in the field of biomedical computing. In CompBioMed, experts in computational medicine develop simulation, machine learning and data analysis software using the latest techniques to solve complex multi-scale and multi-physics problems.

The key driver of our network building activities will be the provision of training to the Computational Biomedicine community on HPC access, usage and related software development, complemented by a substantially funded Innovation Exchange Programme, renamed the Visitor Programme, which will allow exchange for personnel between Core Partners, Associate Partners and other interested participants.

The Visitor Programme is a flexible scheme designed to support knowledge exchange between two organisations, at least one of which should be a Core or Associate Partner (but can involve a third party). Personnel at all levels will be able to utilise funds within our budget for conducting work to promote knowledge exchange in a partner of their choice.

Applying to visits

Potential visitors should contact their preferred host institute in the first instance to ensure that the work is suitable and they are able to participate. Then the visitor should apply through the online form below. The visits can be of any duration between one week and three months, up to a maximum of €5,000. Applicants will need to provide a detailed proposal including the estimated costs (of no less than one page and not more than three pages, the maximum length only being required in the case of proposals which request more than €2,000). Eligible costs will include contributions to travel and subsistence.

The proposal should include:

  • A full description of the work (length as outlined above)
  • An estimate of the anticipated HPC requirements and how they would be used
  • Justification of the chosen host institute
  • A proposal of the costs involved

Following the application, the proposal will be reviewed by the selection committee, subject to the following criteria

  • Alignment of the proposal with the strategic goals of CompBioMed
  • Quality of the project proposal
  • Potential impact of the project

Browse available hosts and visitors at our dedicated page

Our past, current and planned exchanges can be seen by following this link.

For particulars on some of our exchanges you can see our visitor programme news feed

Additional funding can be applied for through the HPCEuropa3 Transnational Access programme

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