Coronavirus: Drug Toxicity

This third research effort aims to complement computational drug discovery by enabling identification of drug candidates that may be toxic to the human body. Toxicological screening is essential for the drug development process. For example, bile acid homeostasis is essential for liver health, and disruption leads to hepatocellular damage; thus, we focus initially on the problem of evaluating a new drug candidate’s potential to disrupt bile acid homeostasis, a situation that can lead to hepatocellular damage and cholestatic drug-induced liver injury. Our efforts here are meant to provide another selection criterion that can be used to prioritise drugs for downstream validation in experimental laboratories.

If you wish to contribute and have interests across the wider scope of this activity, such as experimental validation, please  get in touch by emailing Dr Hugh Martin (h.s.martin “at” with your name, institution, a one-paragraph summary of your area of expertise, and up to 5 of your most relevant publications, making clear which of the 6 areas of coronavirus research you are seeking to contribute to in this consortium.