CompBioMed 1 Deliverables


Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Dissemination
Due date
(in months)
Work Package 1: Management
D1.1 Project Handbook Public 3
D1.2 Quality Assurance Plan Public 3
D1.3 Data Management Plan Public 6
D1.4 Final Public Report Public 36
Work Package 2: Biomedical Research Activities
D2.1 Report on Application Software Readiness and Fast Track Exploitation Public 12
D2.2 Report on Deployment of Deep Track Tools and Services to Improve Efficiency of Research and Facilitating Access to CoE Capabilities Public 27
D2.3 Report on Extreme Scaling of and Porting of Exemplar Applications to Novel Architectures Public 27
D2.4 Report on the Impact of Modeling and Simulation within Biomedical Research as enabled by CompBioMed Public 36
Work Package 3: Training and Dissemination
D3.1 Website Release Public 3
D3.2 Dissemination Action Plan Public 3
D3.3 Training Plan Public 3
D3.4 Report on dissemination and training material Public 12
D3.5 First report on training and dissemination Public 24
D3.6 Final training and dissemination report Public 36
Work Package 4: Innovation and Sustainability
D4.1 Innovation Plan Public 6
D4.2 Interim Report on Industrial and cPPP Collaboration Public 18
D4.3 Sustainability Plan Public 30
D4.4 Final Report on Industrial and cPPP Collaboration Public 32
D4.5 Report on Pre-commercial Activities Confidential 36
Work Package 5: Resource and Infrastructure Support
D5.1 Release of Community Software Repository Public 3
D5.2 Report on computing and data needs of the biomedical community Public 9
D5.3 Report on access mechanisms to HPC systems Public 12
D5.4 Report on best practices for e-infrastructure application usage Public 24
D5.5 Preparing data infrastructures for large-scale resources: report on the optimisation activities Public 34
D5.6 Report on Efficient HPC usage by the Biomedicine community Public 36
Work Package 6: Empowering Medical Applications
D6.1 Report on existing solutions in support of biomedical applications Public 12
D6.2 Deployment of project informatics platform Public 12
D6.3 Report on Workflow system provision Public 18
D6.4 Report on selected emerging use cases for existing solutions Public 24
D6.5 Report on the optimisation activities Public 24
D6.6 Final report on the end-user solutions Public 36