Central Incubator Registry

Compbiomed has complied this Central Incubator Registry which lists EU innovation incubators and accelerators.

This Register arose from a task designed to support the exploitation of results of commercial potential, and we act as a focal point for connecting parties where this exploitation might benefit from support for commercialisation activities.

This Register is freely available to the general public and can be considered to be a “living” database where we welcome the registration of any Incubator or Accelerator initiatives known to the community. Please feel free to forward recommendations to : compbiomed-suggestions@ucl.ac.uk

The main purpose of incubators, which in many cases are run by non-profit organisations like universities, government bodies or civic groups is to help initiate startups and support their growth.

In the event of a potential idea or innovation that you may wish to realise you may refer to the Central Incubator Register in order to seek appropriate support within the context of an incubator, accelerator, technology transfer office or lab & office facilities. In many cases they can provide practical support such as spaces to work, seeding funding, mentoring, training etc. Importantly they also provide exposure to potential commercial partners and sources of finance. Please feel free to contact us directly and we will be able to think with you and advise on the best course of action.

Download: the current CompBioMed Central Incubator Registry.