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CompBioMed is active in a vast international consortium across Europe and USA working on urgent coronavirus research. The consortium is redirecting substantial research effort and funding on computational investigations that will improve our understanding of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the associated COVID-19 disease, and accelerate the development of treatment options, including antiviral drugs and vaccines. Read more about it here.

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CompBioMed is a European Commission H2020 funded Centre of Excellence focused on the use and development of computational methods for biomedical applications. We have users within academia, industry and clinical environments and are working to train more people in the use of our products and methods. Below you will find links to the user pages, which will give you more information on the work we are doing, relevant to your field, and our services which may provide further information on our work. A great introduction is the Virtual Humans film (link to YouTube) , or through the link in the scrolling banner above.

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