CompBioMed e-Seminar #29

CompBioMed’s 29th e-seminar took place at on 18 January 2023, titled “OpenMP in the Exascale Era”.

Modern supercomputer nodes now contain more than 100 cores, and often several GPUs. This means that the “MPI only” approach to parallel programming is coming under increasing strain and can no longer deliver the maximum performance from the hardware. OpenMP is the de facto standard for programming shared memory nodes, and now supports offloading to accelerator devices such as GPUs.

In this seminar, Dr Mark Bull looks at some ways that OpenMP can be used in the context of very large scale computing: combining OpenMP and MPI in a single application, portable offloading to GPUs, and using tasks for irregular parallelism.

Dr Mark Bull is a Senior Research Fellow at EPCC in the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include benchmarking, parallel algorithms, parallel programming APIs, and novel uses of HPC. Mark acts as EPCC’s representative on the OpenMP Architecture Review Board, and is a former chair of the OpenMP Language Committee, having had overall responsibility for Versions 2.5 and 3.0 of the OpenMP specification. He has been teaching OpenMP to scientists and students for more than 20 years.

This webinar series is run in collaboration with the VPH Institute