CompBioMed Data Curation helpdesk

Data publication is crucial to ensure that research data is accessible and reusable. Data publication also enhances the research work's visibility and impact, promoting transparency and reproducibility. In addition, publishing data is often a compliance requirement by funding agencies, as it demonstrates a commitment to open science and responsible data management practices.

Within CompBioMed, we use the B2SHARE data repository, developed by EUDAT (funded by the EU) to publish data sources. We have defined CompBioMed community-specific metadata and implemented that in the B2SHARE repository. For more information about the metadata schema, you can visit:

For support regarding publishing data in the B2SHARE repository, you can enquire by the EUDAT support at:

If you need general advice in selecting a repository to publish your data, data formats to publish, enriching data with metadata, and data migration you can contact us through this link.