Application description

QIIME (Quantitative Insights Into Microbial Ecology) is a powerful bioinformatic tool widely used in microbiome research. It is designed to analyze and interpret microbial data derived from high-throughput sequencing technologies. QIIME provides researchers with a comprehensive suite of tools and workflows to process, analyze, and visualize microbial diversity and composition within a given environmental sample.

QIIME's functionalities include data preprocessing, quality control, taxonomic assignment, alpha and beta diversity analysis, and statistical testing. Users can perform sequence alignment, assign taxonomic classifications to microbial sequences, and calculate various diversity metrics to assess the richness and evenness of microbial communities. QIIME is continually updated and has multiple versions, each with its own features and improvements, making it an essential resource for scientists investigating the composition and dynamics of microbial communities in various ecosystems.

Within CompBioMed QIIME has been installed and supported at EPCC and SURF computing centres. The tool has been used in the "CompBioMed University Education" and as part of the "The nUCLeus Hub: Scalable training in computational biomedicine" projects.

User Resources

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