Visitor Programme – available exchanges

Below you will find a list of Hosts looking for visitors and visitors looking for hosts. If you would like to contact someone and their contact details are not listed, please contact for further information on how to get in contact.

Hosts looking for visitors

Dr. Gavin Pringle, EPCC, University of Edinburgh:

I’ve been an HPC consultant for over 20 years, with experience across a very wide range of different applications:

I’m happy to Host to any potential Visitor who wishes to spend time in Edinburgh who wishes to further their HPC understanding.

For instance, you may wish to personally undertake one of our training courses, self-taught, but I can answer any questions you may have. Our training courses include Intro to HPC, basic MPI, advanced MPI, OpenMP, efficient I/O, performance analysis, HPC Carpentry, etc.

Visitors may qualify for HPC-Europa3 funding to cover travel, accommodation and expenses, depending on :

Dr. Gabor Zavodszky, Computational Science Lab, University of Amsterdam:

I am researching biomedical questions on a wide palette spanning from basic science such as the cell transport mechanisms in blood flow, to more applied topics such as the hemodynamical effects of certain micro-medical devices.

I am also one of the main developers of HemoCell, the cellular modelling framework ( ).

I would be happy to host potential Visitors (on MSc or PhD level) with interest on blood flow numerical models and HPC simulations.

Visitors may qualify for HPC-Europa3 ( ) travel and accommodation grant.

Dr. Alfonso Santiago-Ferrandez, Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (CASE), Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC):

In CASE’s biomechanics simulation group we do research mainly in cardiovascular related topics. We develop a multi-phyisics multi-scale simulation code based on the finite elements method. With this tool we tackle several topics on biomechanics like fluid-sturcture interaction on blood vessels, fluid dynamics on trabeculated ventricles or the whole fluid-electro-mechanical model of the heart.

We are looking forward to host potential visitors (MSc or PhD level) with interest in biomechanics and with software developement skills.

Visitors may qualify for HPC-Europa3 funding to cover travel, accommodation and expenses, depending on :

Dr. Okba Hamitou,  Atos Bull Technologies:

Dr. Okba Hamitou  is an HPC technical consultant at Atos Bull Technologies, working specifically on analysing performances and optimising HPC applications. Among other topics, he also give trainings  on HPC topics.

Dr Hamitou is looking forward to host potential visitors (MSc or PhD level) who wish to spend time in Grenoble, France, with interest in performance analysis and application optimisations.

Visitors to France do not currently qualify for HPC-Europa3 funding to cover travel, accommodation and expenses:


Marco Stijnen,  LifeTec Group:

Marco Stijnen is one of the founders and the head of MedTech Innovations at LifeTec Group, a contract research organisation focusing on realistic translational research of medical device technology and medical therapies.

LifeTec Group have a strong desire to combine experimental physical research with computational simulation models, which will be very helpful in bringing great innovations to the patients that need them. We’d be happy to host anyone that is interested in 1D, 2D or 3D fluid flow simulations, fluid-structure interaction simulations, and experimental validation and has relevant programming/simulation experience.



Visitors looking for a host

Cristofo Grasso, Amsterdam Medical Centre, Department of Experimental Immunology

I am Cristoforo Grasso a PhD student of the Amsterdam Medical Center. I have a bachelor in Biology, and MSc Oncology. During my education I have gained strong knowledge in biology. Almost 2 years ago I have started to look at the bioinformatics horizon of biology and drifting to in silicon bio-research. I see in The European Center of Excellence in Computational Medicine (CompBioMed) a great chance for me to expand and strengthen my Biocomputing capabilities and valuable events to network and get in touch with expertise on the field.
My work focus on auto immune disease, my group uses Rheumatology Arthritis as a model to investigate molecular pattern involved in the loss of tolerance.
Please consider my interest as a genuine request to take part in your project. In our study we adopt RNA sequencing and other high-throughput technologies which generate an enormous amount of data. At this point, Biocomputing kicks in, as an essential science to give meaning to the limitless amount of raw data that the project is generating.
For further detail or references, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Shovonlal Bhowmick, Department of Chemical Technology, University of Calcutta

I am Shovonlal Bhowmick, a 2nd year PhD student student in University of Calcutta, Department of Chemical Technology. I have completed M.Sc. in Bioinformatics. My research interest is  in Cheminformatics (Virtual Screening, Molecular Docking and Dynamics Simulation analysis, Pharmacophore and QSAR model development, Modeling of protein structure and analysis) or computational chemistry (DFT analysis). Beside this, I have a special interest in Bioinformatics research, precisely in the field of Next Generation Sequencing analysis, Sanger sequence analysis, Phylogenetics).  I like biocomputing for my research studies and do some small scripting on daily basis. I am familiar with R and Python.  For my research study, I need long range bio-macromolecular simulations to analyse protein-protein interactions. Using computational technique I am trying to find out potential lead compounds for cancer therapeutics.

I’m looking for a 3-6 months for doing some partial work or host institution assigned works in order to gain new computational techniques and apply them to improve the research qualities.  I kindly request you to consider my interest as a genuine and do the needful for giving me such opportunity to take part in your visitor programme.  From more details please contact Shovonlal directly.