University of Geneva

The University of Geneva is a major university in Switzerland, with strong international recognition. The Computer Science Department at the University of Geneva is a multidisciplinary oriented research team. Through research and education activities, it promotes a conceptual and theoretical approach, together with a commitment to real life applications.

The main activities of Bastien Chopard’s group in the CompBioMed project will be related to simulation and modelling tasks (WP2: Biomedical Research Activities), and their implementation on HPC platforms, and their coupling with other applications (Work Package 6: Empowering Biomedical Applications).


Key Personnel

Professor Bastien Chopard – Head of the Scientific and Parallel Computation group in the Computer Science Department, and Jonas Latt is a senior scientist in this group. The team is internationally recognised for its work in Cellular Automata and lattice Boltzmann modelling. For more than 15 years, B Chopard’s group has been developing new models and simulations of many complex systems, ranging from physical problems to environmental sciences, to economical, social systems and bio-medical applications. New methodologies for scientific and engineering problems have been proposed to solve challenging applications, in particular for multiscale applications and tightly coupled workflows. Other important research activities of the group are bioinformatics and parallel computing. Bastien published over 200 articles in international journals and conferences and has contributed to many national and international research projects.


Dr Jonas Latt – Head of Research at the University of Geneva and committee member of the Swiss Supercomputing Center CADMOS. He obtained his PhD degree on the topic of lattice Boltzmann modelling of fluid flow at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, in 2007, and since then pursued an academic career in Computational Fluid Dynamics and High Performance Computing. He is the original developer and current project manager for the Palabos software, the widely recognised worldwide open-source lattice Boltzmann solver for massively parallel multi-physics application.


Sha Li – PhD student at the University of Geneva, in the Computer Science Department. She obtained a master degree in chemical engineering, from the Institute of Process Engineering, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing. Her research subject is now the development of faster numerical models to simulate blood flow in flow diverter stents for treating cerebral aneurysm.


Aziza Merzouki – Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Geneva (UNIGE). She is now finishing her PhD at the Scientific and Parallel Computing group at UNIGE. Her thesis is about numerical modelling of epithelial cell monolayers. In collaboration with biologists and biophysicists, she aimed to investigate how cell biophysics determine the emerging properties of tissues.

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