LifeTec Group

LifeTec Group is a medical technology driven SME offering high-tech R&D services and smart customized solutions to accelerate innovations in healthcare. By combining engineering, physiology and clinical competencies LifeTec Group efficiently serves organizations by investigating, developing and assessing new medical devices, (bio)materials as well as regenerative and drug therapies. State-of- the-art R&D facilities, specialized enabling technology platforms and innovative predictive computer models are applied realizing time and cost effective R&D processes.

LifeTec Group’s R&D services and practice provide new insights and understanding of pioneering healthcare technologies leading to increased value and performance of the device, (bio)material or therapy. The applied consulting approach creates efficient business strategies for healthcare innovations and contributes to technology readiness, valorization and new business creation, either for clients, individual or in partnerships. LifeTec Group’s approach is directly in line with the objective of the envisioned CoE.

LifeTec will play a substantial role in WP4: Innovation and Sustainability, particularly in pre- commercial activities. The main tasks of LifeTec Group in this project are the development and application of cardiovascular and orthopedic in silico models and tools and to combine them with the models of other participants. To create workflows, pipelines and interfaces. LifeTec Group will be involved in business development for the CoE by working on the Innovation Plan, which will establish mechanisms to actively promote in silico methods to e.g. the pharmaceutical industry. LifeTec Group will contribute to the development of the sustainability plan to ensure the Centre adheres to in silico regulatory procedures (FDA for US and EMA for EU) and incorporates relevant regulatory procedures into the CoE’s portfolio and monitor for changes in procedures and adapt as necessary.