CompBioMed All-Hands Meeting 2019

29 Apr – 1 May 2019
St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, UK

The CompBioMed All-Hands Meeting will be organised at University of Oxford and will take place over three days.

We are planning an external facing meeting on 29th April, inviting all our Core and Associate Partners, our colleagues from related projects, and any other interested parties. We welcome all those who are interested in presenting their work during this day, and we hope that we can make a varied and informative day. We will be securing speakers for this day over the next month, and will update this page as we gather more information.

On 30 April and 1 May, we will conduct our internal meeting, welcoming members of our IAB for a meeting in the morning, and giving the opportunity to Work Package Leaders (WPLs) to gather with people for in-person meetings to discuss vital issues as we approach the end of the project. As usual we will ask for brief presentations from our WPLs on the progress of their WP and their plans for the last 5 months of the project.