CompBioMed University Education

CompBioMed University Education is an experimental-computational workflow in molecularly-based medicine that can be delivered to medical students, to science and engineering students, or as part of a bespoke training programme to familiarise trainees with genome-based computational biomedicine using state-of-the-art experimental and computational resources.

The course involves a combination of field work, wet laboratory-based experimental work, taught lectures, supervised workshops, and small group tutorial sessions and data analysis using high performance computing. Participants purify microbial genomic DNA from environmental samples and use conserved regions of the gene encoding the 16S bacterial ribosomal RNA for amplification of genomic microbial DNA. This DNA is sequenced using Illumina Next Generation Sequencing on an iSeq-100 machine and a bioinformatics pipeline is used on the raw data to understand microbial diversity by performing microbiome analysis on HPC.

If you are a trainer who would like to run this programme in your institution, CompBioMed can provide expert resources in the form of protocols and instructor support. If you are a student and wish to follow this training programme, please get in touch through our contact page.