CompBioMed Webinar #2

CompBioMed’s second webinar took place on 30th January 2018, 11am GMT/12pm CET and is now available below to watch if you missed it, or to rewatch if there was something you missed:

Introduction to Cloud Computing for the VPH

In this webinar, we show what a Cloud computing environment is and how it can help with your research. You will learn how to set up and access your virtual machine, as well as to install software and run your simulations. As an example, we show how to configure and run openBF, a computational library for 1D blood flow simulations in straight elastic arteries, and how to visualise the output produced by the code
The webinar is delivered by SURFsara (NL), the Dutch national high-performance computing and e-Science support centre, and the INSIGNEO group from the University of Sheffield (UK)

Presentation given by:
Ander Astudillo, SURFsara (Consultant at SURFsara),
Alesandro Melis, University of Sheffield (Research Associate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering),

This webinar series is run in collaboration with the VPH Institute