CompBioMed Webinar #8

CompBioMed’s 8th webinar took place on 28 May 2019:

The EOSC Digital Innovation Hub: open data services for biomedicine and business

An increasingly important part of computational biomedicine workflows is the sharing, processing and publishing of datasets. The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) aims to provide a virtual environment with open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data. This webinar introduces the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), which provides the primary mechanism for private organisations (start-ups, SMEs, large industry) to engage with the EOSC. Industrial participation is a key part of the remit of Centres of Excellence, such as CompBioMed, therefore we describe how the DIH can provide them with advanced compute, storage, and data management services alongside expertise and dedicated support. Concrete examples of what can be achieved are presented from six business pilots running within the EOSC DIH. The webinar concludes with a call for participation to extend engagement with other research communities with ties to industry, SMEs and other DIHs (regional, European).

The EOSC DIH is supported by the EOSC-hub project, which is a €30M H2020 project comprising 100 partners in 50+ countries from major European e-Infrastructures (e.g. EGI, EUDAT), large research infrastructures (e.g. ELIXIR) to deliver a common catalogue of services, software, and research data for research and innovation.

Presentation given by Sy Holsinger (EOSC-hub project, e-mail:

Sy currently coordinates the EOSC DIH via the EOSC-hub project having managed a variety of industry engagement programmes since 2007. He is employed as a Senior Policy and Strategy Officer at the EGI Foundation working on sustainability planning, business model development, market analysis and IT service management implementation. Sy studied Business Communications and Management in the U.S. focusing on project, financial and business management, marketing and communications. He has been involved in several EU-funded projects over the last 10 years covering both management and support roles. He is a certified FitSM Expert, ISO 27001 Professional, ISO 19011 Auditor, and Accredited Trainer supporting individual organisations and federations to professionalize approaches to service management and delivery.

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