CompBioMed Training: Winter School 2018 at BSC

HPC-based simulations, Engineering and Environment with applications in Bioengineering

The objetive of this course is to give a panorama on the use of hpc-based computational mechanics in Engineering and Environment through the projects CompBioMed are carrying out (Cardiac, Musculoskeletal and Molecular exemplars). This panorama includes the basics behind the main tools: computational mechanics and parallelization. The training is delivered in collaboration with PRACE.

Date: 14-16 February 2018
Place: Barcelona (UPC Campus)
Topics: HPC, Cardiac Modelling, Molecularly-based and Neuro-musculoskeletal medicine
Format: Theoretical and hands-on sessions
Target group: INTERMEDIATE: for trainees with some theoretical and practical knowledge. PhD students, masters students, engineers…Specialists with at least 1st cycle degree or similar background experience
Cost: There is no registration fee, PATC courses are paid by PRACE. Therefore they are free of charge. The attendees needed to cover the expenses for travel, accommodation and meals. Number of fixed amount travel grants are offered to a selected number of participants for covering part of their travelling expenses.
Organisation: Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). BSC is a PRACE Advanced Training Centre (PATC)

All the videos of the sessions are available on YouTube by following the links below:

Day 1: 14th February 2018
Session 1: Introduction to Computational Mechanics: Bioengineering Applications (BSC)
Session 2: Introduction to HPC in Computational Modelling (SURFsara)
Session 3: Computational Hemodynamics: From a notebook to HPC (UvA)
Session 4: Parallel algorithms for Computational Mechanics (BSC)

Day 2: 15th February
Session 1: Predicting the risk of fall – A computational modelling approach using CT2S (USFD)
Session 2: Big Compute: HPC in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure (Microsoft)
Session 3: Introduction to Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) and GPCR Modelling (Evotec)
Session 4: Innovations in HPC-training for medical, science and engineering students (UCL)

Day 3: 16th February
Session 1: Scientific visualisation (BSC)
Session 2: High Throughput Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Drug Discovery (UPF – Acellera)
Session 3: Fluid structure interaction applied to electromechanical models of the heart (BSC)
Session 4: HPC Multi-scale computational modelling using Alya Red (BSC)
Session 5: Computational Biomechanics: trends in modelling and simulation (BSC)

An agenda for the event can be found here

5 students, who received a travel grant for their attendance, have written reviews of the Winter School that can be read here