High Performance Computing for the VPH

As part of the VPH2018 conference “VPH for In Silico Medicine”, running in Zaragoza on 5-7 September 2018, CompBioMed organized a training session titled

“High Performance Computing for the VPH – A practical introduction to HPC usage”

The course took place the day before the start of the conference, on 4 September 2018, at the conference venue, the University of Zaragoza.

The course targeted early phase researchers and aimed to provide a short and concise introduction to HPC programming as well as 2 application examples. All lectures were hands-on, using BSC’s MareNostrum supercomputer. The course was fully booked.

The final program, the recordings and the slides are available here:

13:00-14:30: Introduction to HPC computing – a practical tutorial (Dr. Marco Verdicchio, SURFsara)


14:30-15:00: Short practice session with sample codes on HPC
15:00-15:15: Coffee-break
15:15-16:15: Application: Cellular blood flow simulations for HPC (Britt van Rooij and Benjamin Czaja, University of Amsterdam)


16:15-17:15: Application: Simple magnetic drug targeting simulations with HemeLB (Dr. Robin Richardson, University College London)