Teratec Forum 2018, Paris

This year, for its 13th edition, the Forum welcomed around 1300 attendees. During the two days of the Forum, over 80 exhibitors – software manufacturers and producers, integrators and distributors, service providers, academic and laboratory researchers – presented their latest technologies and innovations in HPC, simulation and Big Data.

There were also several themed areas organised to inform and promote research and SE (The European Research Café, The Collaborative Projects Area,…)

At the European Research Café” there were 10 European projects represented:
– ClouDBAlliance
– M2DC
– MontBlanc

Among the represented project, CompBioMed was the only one related to biomedical applications. Thus, the CompBioMed booth attracted people from our targeted domain, including attendees from big companies such as L’Oréal interested in the project outcomes and from a French SME interested in taking part of such consortium.

The CompBioMed booth presented two complementary posters provided by Bull, one general and another more oriented to research goals, with the list of core partners, core users and mentioning the number of associate partners. Moreover, flyers, the 4 newsletters and the stress toys were offered to visitors to the booth. In addition, the Virtual Human video was shown on a laptop.