LEXIS Platform

Application description

The LEXIS Platform allows the orchestration of complex scientific and industrial workflows which can be easily run on distributed HPC and Cloud resources. Thanks to its API and modern web-based UI, powerful HPC resources and complex Cloud deployments can be easily accessed and challenging workflows can be executed. It uses YORC (Ystia Orchestrator) to handle the workflows, an iRODS-based data management solution with asynchronous staging APIs, and integration with EUDAT services to handle extensive datasets in a secure and convenient way.

The individual LEXIS software modules have been implemented, deployed and integrated into the resulting LEXIS Platform, which has been successfully validated, tested and exposed on a public endpoint. The LEXIS Portal is the web-based UI through which users can use all the features of the platform, including an overview of consumed resources and their costs. The LEXIS Platform implements multi-tenancy by grouping users in different roles in organisations and projects through which the compute resources are consumed.

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