This workshop took place on 30-31 October 2018 at Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany. Overall it was a great opportunity to network with various other EU projects working on highly related projects. We were able to share best practices with Training, Dissemination and Links with Industry, also discussions were held on the road to the Exascale and Services within the projects.

From CompBioMed, Gavin Pringle presented our work within the Operational Services session and took part in the sessions related to New Technologies and Application Enabling at Exascale. There were some very useful discussions during these sessions, and we are keen to extend our collaborations in these areas with PRACE and other CoEs.

Project Manager, Emily Lumley also attended and gave presentations in the Dissemination, Training and Links with Industry Sessions. Here, it was clear that dissemination to the general public is a key strategy that the European Commission is pushing for all CoEs, and it is possible that the new Coordination and Support Action FocusCoE, will be able to aid in this. For the training, it was suggested that more of the HPC projects could collaborate with PRACE to ensure that training from all the CoEs is visible on the PRACE website. For the links with Industry, it was clear that this is a difficult area for many HPC projects, and that it will be necessary to interact more closely with individual contacts with SMEs and larger companies.

We were glad to have been invited and be able to take place in this event, and we hope that this will be repeated again in the future. We are now working on introducing some of the ideas that were raised. More information on the event and copies of selected presentations can be found on the PRACE events page