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Alya, developed by the team of Mariano Vazquez and Guillaume Houzeaux at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, performs cardiac electro-mechanics simulations, from tissue to organ level. The simulation involves the solution of multiscale model using a FEM-based electro-mechanical coupling solver, specifically optimised for the efficient use of supercomputing resources. Alya is available for use to research users on MareNostrum, ARCHER, and Cartesius; for clinical and industrial users, BSC recommends users access it as a service, due to the complexity involved with setting up simulations. To this purpose BSC is setting up a spin-off (ELEM Biotech) that will provide commercial software-as-a-service to biomedical industries based on Alya.

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Use scenario
Non-clinical research; Clinical research; Clinical decision support; Design & optimisation for medical devices; In silico clinical trial.

HPC motivation
Solve unreducible model; Multiscale model; Strongly coupled multiphyisics model.

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