CompBioMed Software – CT2S

Software Project
Computer Tomography to Strength (CT2S) is an on-line service developed by the team of Prof Marco Viceconti at the Insigneo Institute at the University of Sheffield (UK), which allows the prediction of the biomechanical strength of a patient’s bone from a clinical CT scan of that bone. The service operates by creating a patient-specific finite element model of the bone, using a state of the art image-processing pipeline. This very precise model of the patient’s anatomy is then examined under a range of highly realistic simulated loading conditions, including walking, running, stair-climbing and falling, and the fracture load is computed in each case. Data summarising the identified fracture strength is returned to the user. The solution is currently exposed as a service, accessible through a web interface; the backend HPC system currently in use is USFD’s own ShARC. The service is currently provided at cost, with a significant discount for non-sponsored clinical studies. USFD is currently exploring the best marketing strategy.

Offered By

University of Sheffield


Use scenario
Clinical research, Clinical decision support, In silico clinical trial.

HPC motivation
Do uncertainty quantification; Multiscale model.

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