New Journal Issue on Multiscale Modelling to be Published

A new theme issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A journal will be published on 3rd October. Entitled Multiscale Modelling at the Physics–Chemistry–Biology Interface, the issue has been compiled and edited by P. V. Coveney, J. P. Boon and S. Succi. The issue addresses one of the most important questions in modern science – how to understand the behaviour of complex systems, whether in physics, chemistry or biology. The issue shows how a common conceptual framework is emerging which allows us to describe complexity throughout science in a systematic manner. The issue also considers so-called big data approaches designed to describe such complex systems and argues that, without due attention to their intrinsic theoretical underpinnings, they are likely to fail.

You can find more details on the articles to be found in this issue in the flyer.