CompBioMed joins the LEXIS project Open Call

The CompBioMed Centre of Excellence has joined the Open Call of the project LEXIS, which commenced their further collaboration. Thanks to the LEXIS platform CompBioMed will move data more effectively and safely between HPC centres with the help of integrated HPC, AI, Big Data and Cloud. Further, enabling Edge Computing so that hospitals can exploit remote HPC via this new federation for urgent computing. The collaboration will enable a less complicated way to run loosely-coupled HPC biomedical simulations over multiple HPC centres, or allow remote machine learning clusters to process ensemble simulations and then steer the next generation. Ultimately, CompBioMed can collate and securely share collections of virtual human data where actual human data is simply not viable. The LEXIS consortium will support CompBioMed with the training, technical and scientific assistance to use and validate the LEXIS platform. This collaboration will be a good opportunity for both projects to share their experience and they are looking forward to working together.

LEXIS project

LEXIS is a European project in the Horizon 2020 framework with the aims to increase innovation by stimulating the interest of European Industries and creating an ecosystem of organisations that could benefit from the implemented platform of LEXIS setting up a connection between HPC, HPDA, Cloud and Data Management. LEXIS runs from 2019 to 2021 with a budget of 14M EUR and involves 17 partners from seven European countries. You can find more detailed information about LEXIS at