CompBioMed Webinar #1

CompBioMed’s first webinar took place on 22nd November 2017, 11am GMT/12pm CET and is now available below to watch if you missed it, or to rewatch if there was something you missed:

HPC simulations of cardiac electrophysiology using patient specific models of the heart (using CHASTE and Alya)

The webinar was run by the Computational Cardiovascular Science team (CCS) of the University of Oxford and provided an insight of the latest research in the CCS group on High Performance Computational (HPC) simulations of cardiac electrophysiology using patient specific models of the whole heart. The group has developed an image analysis and computational pipeline for the personalisation of anatomically-based human heart-torso models, from MRI data, generation of volumetric meshes, to patient-specific simulations of human heart function and ECG reconstruction. Regarding the electrophysiological simulations from ionic level up to the whole organ and body surface, they focused on two well-known simulation softwares, CHASTE and Alya. The finite element CHASTE software (Cancer, Heart And Soft Tissue Environment) has been developed at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford and the Alya System is the Barcelona Supercomputing Simulation code for high performance computational multi-physics.

Presentation given by:
Ana Minchole, University of Oxford, (Senior researcher in Computational Cardiovascular Science),
Francesc Levrero-Florencio, University of Oxford (Research Associate in Computational Cardiovascular Science),

This webinar series is run in collaboration with the VPH Institute

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