Dr Elisa Passini from University of Oxford wins the international 3Rs prize

At the University of Oxford, in the group of Professor Blanca Rodriguez and Dr Alfonso Bueno-Orovio, Dr Elisa Passini has won the International 3Rs Prize for computer modelling that predicts human cardiac safety better than animal studies.

Their winning paper, in collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica describes the use of human-based computer models that have proven to be more reliable in predicting the risk of drug-induced heart arrhythmias in humans than similar datasets conducted in animal studies.

For more information on the prize, and to see Elisa describe her winning research, please see the NC3Rs news blog or the University of Oxford, Department of Computer Science News pages.

This work has also been featured in a new blog written by Dr Roger Highfield to advertise the release of our Virtual Humans film on the Science Museum YouTube channel.