Introducing the CoronaBlog

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is having a profound impact on how we go about our day to day lives and is dominating world news and conversation (conducted from the recommended social distances, or preferably via video chat or social media).  Since the outbreak was identified in Hubei Province, China in late December last year, the virus (SARS-CoV-2) has spread to over 200 countries and territories worldwide with soon to be 1,000,000 confirmed cases of infect and many more to come.

Whilst those on the frontline work tirelessly to treat the sick, and we all work together to limit the rate of infection through isolation and maintaining proper social distancing, there are teams of researchers working around the clock to devise cures, treatments, and other solutions.

We at CompBioMed, the European Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine, will aim to keep you informed about the ongoing news, research and breakthroughs in the coming weeks via the CoronaBlog.

CoronaBlog will focus primarily on the ongoing work of our members and collaborators based around the world, consisting of blog posts, research articles, and a Webinar Series produced in collaboration with the VPH Institute, Belgium. We will also give information and perspective on some of the other exciting research being carried out by the wider scientific community.

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