Memorandum of Understanding with HPC-Europa3

The HPCEuropa3 project that runs from May 1st 2017 to April 31st 2021 and aims at maintaining the persistency of high-quality service to transnational access to the most advance HPC infrastructures available in Europe for European research. The project is based on a program of visits, in the form of traditional transnational access, with researchers visiting HPC centres and/or scientific hosts who mentor them scientifically and technically.
The visitors are::
1. Funded for travel, accommodation and subsistence, and
2. Provided with an amount of computing time suitable for the approved project.

The calls for applications are issued 4 times per year and published online at

SURFsara, BSC and EPCC are partners both of CompBioMed and HPCEuropa3 and can naturally act as liaisons between the two parties for administrative and technical collaboration

A close collaboration between CompBioMed and HPCE3 is very desirable as HPCE3 project is going to serve as a starting point for the applicants in their natural evolution towards future deployment of HPC exascale infrastructures, while CompBioMed promotes the uptake and exploitation of high performance computing within the biomedical modelling community. The purpose of this MoU is to formalise the collaboration between the two parties.

The high-level objectives of the collaboration are as follows:

  • The HPC Transnational Access programme visits could be used for collaboration with CompBioMed
  • Both parties can actively disseminate the essential information and calls from each partner
  • Trainings – HPCE3 applicants can become CompBioMed training participants