CompBioMed involved in two BOF sessions at SC18

CompBioMed have been successful in gaining a Birds Of a Feather (BOF) sessions at SC18 and will be very actively participating in another from PRACE and EXDCI2.

Cristin Merritt of Alces Flight, one of our Associate Partners, instigated the application of this BOF to SC18 based on the one that we held at ISC18. It maintains the same title: Personalised Medicine and HPC, and will follow a similar format to the ISC18 BOF. She is now finalising the details and we will add this to our events page shortly. This will take place on Wednesday 14th November at 17:15-18:45 in Session room D220.

Marcin Ostasz of ETP4HPC on behalf of EXDCI2 has organised a BOF titled: Consolidating the European Exascale Effort. They will discuss the results of the European Exascale programme to date and the ambitions of the new round of basic technology, application, co-design (DEEP-EST/EuroExa), prototype and processor design (EPI) projects. This will take place on Wednesday 14th November at 12:15-13:15 in room C144.

As they are both at different times, it will be possible to attend both if you would like to.

We will keep you updated on our events page with the latest news on this.