CompBioMed2 proposal accepted

In March this year we were particularly busy finalising the CompBioMed2 proposal for the 2018-2020 call from the Commission for Centres of Excellence. In July we found that we are successful in this bid, and we have been working towards putting the Grant Agreement in place. We are excited to start this second phase of our project, which will give us a chance to make more progress on all the great research and collaborations that we have started in CompBioMed1.

We would like to thank our Core Partners who worked so hard to put the proposal together, and make it as strong as possible. In addition we would like to thank our Associate Partners, and potential Associate Partners who added their support to the bid through their letters of support. We are looking forward to the future of CompBioMed

In addition to this, UCL was also involved in a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) bid, called FocusCoE. We are happy to say that this was also successful, and will work with CompBioMed and all the other CoEs to ensure that they run more efficiently and adopt common practices within the HPC environment. The placement of UCL within this CSA project will ensure that CompBioMed is well represented.