CompBioMed AHM 2022

On 22-24 June 2022, we held our first officially hybrid AHM, with some people in person in Bologna (CINECA), and others joining through Zoom.

Here we present a selection of talks from our partners and collaborators. All videos are links to our YouTube channel.

  • Philip Fowler, University of Oxford: Predicting resistance to antituberculars in a global cloud-based platform. Video | Slides
  • Jean-Marc Denis, SiPearl: The new European Processor. Video | Slides
  • Narges Zarrabi, CS3MESH4EOSC: Science Mesh – Federating Sync-and-Share Services. Video | Slides
  • Austin Clyde, Argonne National Laboratory: End-to-End Computational Drug Design for COVID-19 From Screening to Series and Back Again. Video | Slides
  • Georgia Tourassi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Pushing the boundaries of Biomedical Science with Frontier. Video | Slides
  • Mirko Cestari, CINECA: Leonardo pre-exascale system: configuration and hosting site. Video | Slides
  • Narges Zarrabi, SURF and Alistair Smith, UCL: CompBioMed/DICE collaboration update. Video | Slides
  • Alex Wade, UCL: Portability and scalability of molecular dynamics codes for alchemical binding free energy calculations. Video | Slides
  • Ioannis Zacharoudiou, UCL: Porting HemeLB for human-scale blood flow simulation of GPUs and high performance computers. Slides
  • Sharp Lo, UCL: Imposing Ratios of Outlet Flow Rates on Large Arterial Networks with Two-Element Windkessel Model: Parametric Analysis. Video | Slides