Coronavirus Resources Across CompBioMed

Here at CoronaBlog, where we will be providing regular news and updates on the research activities of the CompBioMed members, their collaborators, and the wider scientific community, we have established several other resources to provide information and aid in the COVID-19 research efforts:

CompBioMed and Coronavirus provides an overview of the current CompBioMed activities, highlighting the key partners involved across Europe, and the substantial research efforts, funding, and resources which are now being diverted towards activities to better understand the SARS-CoV-2 virus and associated COVID-19 disease, and accelerate the development of therapies, drugs and vaccines.

The Consortium on Coronavirus provides information on the international consortium of hundreds of researchers, from national laboratories, universities, research academies, and private research facilities across Europe and the USA which has formed to study SARS-CoV-2.  The consortium has allowed collaboration between some of the top academics and researchers from around the world and shared access to some of the worlds most powerful computational resources.

The Coronavirus: CompBioMed Partner Activity page provides information and a portal to the exciting research activities of some of our Core and Associate partners, including Janssen Pharmaceutica, who are applying their expertise and knowledge from developing a Ebola vaccine to investigate possible candidates to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, and the University of Sheffield who have joined a UK consortium to map the spread of the virus to better understand how it behaves.

Coronavirus Research Resources provides links and an overview of other useful resources, written and developed both by our partners and those external to the CompBioMed project.  The information is for both academics, and general interest and information, including links to popular articles and calls for available funding and scientific input.

We are also running a call for contributions in 6 key areas of research:

Computational Drug Discovery

Epitope Analysis

Drug Toxicity

Computational Epidemiology

Virus Evolutionary Analysis

Host Response

Please find further information through the call for contributions page or apply through Dr Hugh Martin at University College London, h.s.martin “at”

We will keep these pages updated with the latest developments as they happen, so stay tuned!